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On Sunday, April 28, 18 members of the Society of St Paul, and one member of the Institute of Jesus the Priest, gathered at the house of the Divine Master in Ariccia, to take part in a three-week...

The three week English-language charism course held at the Casa Divin Maestro, Ariccia, ended on Saturday, May 18, the feast of Mary, Queen of Apostles, with the celebration of the Eucharist at...

The program is open to all members of the Society of St Paul who can understand English. Participants need to be in Rome on the morning of Sunday 28 April, at the latest. The program officially...

8th PLENARY MEETING OF CAP-ESWMakati, MM, Philippines, February 5 – 12, 2012FINAL MESSAGE The 8th Plenary Meeting of the Society of St. Paul’s CAP-ESW Group was held at the Provincial House of the...

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Agenda Paulina

03 fevereiro 2024

Feria (verde)
S. Biagio, vescovo e martire
S. Ansgario (Oscar), vescovo
1Re 3,4-13; Sal 118; Mc 6,30-34

03 fevereiro 2024

* SSP: 1963 a Medellín (Colombia).

03 fevereiro 2024SSP: D. Agostino Ghione (1960) - Fr. Francisco Majorino Pedroso da Silva (2013) - D. Vito Ventricelli (2023) • FSP: Sr. Gilma Maria Alvarado (1982) - Sr. Filippina Maria Busso (2014) • IGS: Mons. Umberto Altomare (1986) - D. Francesco Bruno (1991) • IMSA: Carmela M. Calzarano (1995) - Antonietta Pittalis (2009) • ISF: Virginia Boi (1993) - Lidia Satta (2005).