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All indeed is grace and God can never be outdone in generosity. It is with these words that a group of young juniors preparing for perpetual profession express their outpouring gratitude as they ended their Pauline Course in Preparation for Perpetual Profession.  

The conclusion of the course held on December 17, 2022 at the historic chapel of the Casa Generalizia was capped with a Eucharistic celebration led by the Superior General Don Domenico Soliman, SSP with all general counselors, Don Daniel Łuka, SSP formator of the group, and Don Jean Marie Rollin Flores, SSP as concelebrating priests.

In his homily, the Superior General focused on the recurring theme of generis as read from the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. He challenged these young men as they prepare to go home to their respective circumscriptions towards generating, that is in bringing forth the message of the Gospel transforming their hearts and minds all for the service of the Gospel. He invited them to recall the months of their stay in various SSP communities here in Italy, and to fondly remember that it is the desire of the congregation that these abundance of experiences enriched in them a deeper faith and joyful Pauline spirit. It is his aspiration that the lessons and experiences continue to challenged them to keep such flame of the Pauline charism in their hearts burning for the service of the church, of our congregation, of our Pauline family.

At the end of the communion before the final blessing, these young paulines received two symbols as they prepare for their mission: first the letters of Saint Paul and second a Rosary with the relic of Blessed James Alberione.  Symbols reminding them that as a new chapter unfolds for these young Paulines, may all these experiences continue to confirm their drive and passion in dedicating their life for the congregation. May this life of dedication and passion reflected in the profound example of Saint Paul and of our elders, of Bl. James and Bl. Timothy and of the countless Pauline saints continue to shine through their apostolic zeal. May they continue to walk together, in collaboration, in mission, in synodality - mirrored in the beauty of having brothers and sisters in our One Big Pauline family.


Agenda Paolina

February 08, 2023

Feria (v)
S. Girolamo Emiliani
S. Giuseppina Bakhita, vergine
Gen 2,4b-9.15-17; Sal 103; Mc 7,14-23

February 08, 2023

* SSP: 2001 Teologato a Bogotá (Colombia) • PD: 2020 a Kinkole TG (Rep. Dem. del Congo).

February 08, 2023

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