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Traslazione - AlbaMay 3, Saturday, was a new memorable day for Narzole. While the presence of the Blessed for more than a month among "his people" was a source of joy, his departure brought about mixed emotions and sadness. The solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Vincenzo Marras in the parish Church of San Bernardo began at 3 in the afternoon.

After the end of the celebration, the urn of the Blessed, accompanied by a crowd of the faithful, was taken on men's shoulders amidst sounds of musical band of Narzole in front of the rest House where, Fiorenzo Prever, the Mayor of Narzole expressed his gratitude to the Lord on behalf of all the citizens of the place for the presence of Blessed Giaccardo. "Ciao Pinotu", concluded the Mayor with emotion. At 5 in the evening, after a journey between Cherasco and Roreto, the urn arrived at the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei fiori of Bra. Welcomed by the deputy mayor and by the local military authority, blessed Timothy was brought in procession on men's shoulders and was placed before the main altar of the Shrine.

The unforgettable day was concluded with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Silvio Sassi. Very significant was the presence of numerous groups of the members of the Holy Family who never "left alone" the Blessed. After the recitation of the Rosary animated by Fr. Sergio Boarino, Rector of the Seminary, the prayer vigil started at 20.30 which lasted throughout the night until dawn on Sunday, May 4, at 10.30, when Fr. Guido Colombo presided over the solemn Eucharistic celebration. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the Blessed resumed his journey through the territory towards Sanfrè to the community of the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master. Here, he is welcomed by the Superior General Sr Regina Cesarato, by the Mayor of Sanfrè and by various civil and military authorities. Great was the joy of the elderly sisters of the Pious Disciples, most of whom not only had known the Blessed, but also had him as their master of formation. Particularly emotional was Sr Luciana Lazzarini and mother Pia Chivassa, who implored the Blessed with faith to obtain through his intercession the miracle of the healing of Sr Luciana. At 17.00, Msgr. Guido Fiandino, auxiliary bishop of Torino presided over the solemn Eucharistic celebration.

The dawn of May 5 marks the long awaited day when Blessed Giaccardo reached the finishing point of his journey. Before leaving Sanfré for the City of Alba, at 10 o'clock, Msgr. Giuseppe Guerrini, bishop of Saluzzo, celebrated a Mass in the chapel of the Pious Disciples. Something curious which is certainly not known to many: the father of Msgr. Guerrini was one of the boys who had gone to Rome with Blessed Timothy Giaccardo. The Pauline Family in Alba together with a number of priests of the diocese had come together in the square of the Cathedral. After the greetings of the Mayor of Alba, Maurizio Marello, and after the prayer of welcome by Msgr. Giacomo Lanzetti, Bishop of Alba, began the solemn procession accompanied by musical band through Maestra Street towards the Church of St. Paul, the ultimate place of "rest".

Welcomed by a number of faithful, the urn made its entrance in the Church of St. Paul at the sound of the organ and of songs of the choir directed by Br. Mario Moscatello. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Msgr. Giacomo Lanzetti and concelebrated by Fr. Silvio Sassi, Fr. Vincenzo Marras and by numerous Pauline and diocesan priests. Very touching was the "rite" of deposition of the urn placed under the altar of the Sacred Heart. After the reading of the Minutes, in triplicate copy, by the Provincial Superior, Fr. Vincenzo Marras, one copy of the report is placed inside the urn and the lid of the glass used for the transit from Rome to Alba was removed, and then the coffin which contains the mortal remains of the Blessed was placed under the altar of the Sacred Heart. The rite was concluded with the closure of the space behind the altar steel shatterproof. At the end, there was the inauguration of the photographic exhibition from "Alba toward the world" prepared in the rooms adjacent to the Church.

In each of the phases of the entire transit, the relics of Blessed Timothy Giaccardo have been accompanied by the Postulator General of the Pauline Family, Fr. José Antonio Pérez, who have coordinated all the necessary requirements for the transit both on the civil and religious level.