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Fr. Silvio Sassi, the General Superior then addressed the assembly emphasizing the rationale for meeting together: "organization, understood as a value of common life." He said that today with globalization brought about by information explosion, the value of organization has become more and more a necessity. Furthermore he said, as the delegates take into consideration that "formation has for is finality the apostolate, the implementation can occur in three successive phases: on the level of a singular circumscription, on the level of continental-linguistic body, and on the three continental bodies (CIDEP—GEC— CAP-ESW)."

The Superior concluded that even as this Meeting has happened on the first year of the triennium of the Centennial of the Pauline Charism, this was also an "act of the Church" to contribute to the Year of Faith (October 11, 2012-November 24, 2013) and the 13th ordinary Synod of Bishops on New Evangelization for the Transmission of Christian Faith (Octboer 7-28, 2012).

Fr. Celso Godilano the Vicar General and Resource Person of the CAP-ESW recapped the history and activities of the 20 year existence of CAP-ESW. With the accomplishments, challenges and prospects presented systematically, he further expressed the need to "remain steadfast and full of hope" with a resolve to continue to collaborate and realistically accomplish what we can ‘in creative fidelity to the gift received.‘"

The Circumscription Superiors then gave brief updates about their Regions and Provinces, and then in the afternoon, the delegates proceeded to discuss on Vocation and Formation.

After the session, the Delegates proceeded to pray their Vespers at the Queen of the Apostles Chapel, dinner together with the members of the Makati Local Community, and a stroll to a nearby Greenbelt Mall for ice cream and sightseeing.

The Central Committee of the Meeting is comprised by Fr. Silvio Sassi, General Superior, Fr. Jose Aripio, SSP, President, CAP-ESW, Fr. Ciro Monroy, CTIA President, Fr. Michael Goonan, CAP-ESW Secretary and Fr. Jose Pottayil, Moderator.

Agenda Paolina

December 09, 2023

Feria (viola)
Is 30,19-21.23-26; Sal 146; Mt 9,35-38–10,1.6-8

December 09, 2023

* PD: 2013 Sr. M. Scolastica Rivata viene proclamata Venerabile.

December 09, 2023

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